Interim Manager Michel lifts Immoweb Customer Care to a higher level

01-03-2019 15:21
3 minutes read

Tackle the company’s structural problems and eliminate the effects of lower-quality teamwork: those were the challenges facing Michel, who temporarily served as Head of Customer Care & Telesales at Immoweb.

Michel is one of the managers who has opted to work on a project basis through AUSY Interim Management. Our interim managers apply their skills on short or medium-term assignments to help organisations with:

  • Transition management
  • Project management
  • Management tasks
  • Crisis and change management

Michel spent just over two months working at Immoweb, but there have been a few instances where projects lasted up to a year. Interim managers are in demand in a broad range of sectors, from banking and insurance to automotive, FMCG and non-profit.

So, what tempted Michel to embark on a career as an interim manager?

“I’m fascinated by the complex puzzles I encounter on a daily basis. As an interim manager, I usually end up in situations where people have been unable to solve a problem, for whichever reason. The thing I enjoy the most is unleashing my creativity on those problems! Another great aspect of working as an interim manager is the fact that I’m always seeing new things, meeting new people and functioning in new environments.”

Effective customer service requires a change in mentality

So, what has the exact request that brought Immoweb to Jacqueline, a partner at AUSY Interim Management?

“Immoweb was looking for an interim manager to take charge of its Customer Care & Telesales team”, Jacqueline explains. “Someone who would add to the customer care experience and who could further professionalise the working methods of the contact centre.”

“More specifically, that meant part of Michel's assignment was to change the behaviour and mentality of the team in terms of work organisation and customer orientation”, Jacqueline adds. “The following aspects were also part of his role: creating an effective team and service model, and setting up a knowledge database with frequently asked questions, content for e-mails and standard scripting.”

Impressive results from service level to call quality

Michel provides some more detail: “If you take a rational look at what matters in customer service and telesales, you’ll soon realise that things such as availability (service level and waiting times), call efficiency (call quality and handling quality) and service costs for customers are part of the answer. Together with the team, we managed to make an incredible amount of progress!”

Michel recounts the results:

  • “Because the service level rose by 154.1%, there was a marked increase in availability. In September, one and a half times more customers were helped within twenty seconds than in May.”
  • “The quality of calls with customers also improved significantly. We consistently measured interactions with customers in terms of quality, which resulted in more efficient call handling: the overall processing time of a call took 17.8% less time than it did before.”
  • Costs per contact also fell by around 13%. Cost reduction wasn’t actually a specific part of my mission, but it did come as a nice bonus!”

Bingo game improves team motivation

“As a manager, I think it’s important to create a great team dynamic and encourage teamwork”, Michel continues. “One of the ways in which I got my team to look at their work from a different perspective was through ‘customer service bingo’.”

So, what did that game involve? Michel: “Thanks to the bingo game, the team genuinely listened to its customers, rather than dealing with calls on autopilot. We created cards with five words on them and asked the team to listen to customers as carefully as possible. If they heard one of the five words during the call, they’d tick it off on their bingo card. Whoever was first to tick off all five words would win! It was just a simple game, but it really did boost the atmosphere on the team.”

“At the end of the project, my colleagues gave me a lovely present. It’s really good to know that I managed to add value to their team, even in such a short period. There couldn’t have been a nicer way to finish the project!”

Do you think you could achieve results just as impressive as these?

Whether you’re looking to set out as an interim manager yourself or whether you’re a business looking to benefit from temporary management experience, we’re here to help!